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October, 2014
02 (Thu) 2:15 PM Cell Phones - A complete presentation all about Cell Phones: What is the latest, how about all the latest Bells and Whistles, a great time to ask questions and find out what is best. (Target Audience: Everyone) Alex Leviton (from Verizon)
09 (Thu) 2:15 PM PC Security - every thing you need to understand about keeping your PC secure. Simple procedures you can perform to make sure the bad guys and software do not cause you concern. (Target Audience: Everyone) Gary Marshall
16 (Thu) 2:15 PM Refresh Computers - all about the Shop up in the Villages (1 of 3 in Florida), The best Anti-virus, junk cleaner, and anti ads programs for free. Another good Question and Answer program for Computers (Target Audience: Everyone) Brian Downey (Mngr of Store)
23 (Thu) 2:15 PM Best Buy presentation -subject TBD (Target Audience: Everyone)
30 (Thu) 2:15 PM Windows 10 - an overview of Windows 10, what we know now. A good opportunity to ask questions and get updated about Windows. (Target Audience: Everyone) Eddie Boscana (CEO CFLGEEK)



November, 2014
06 (Thu) 2:15 PM Looking for a Presenter. Contact Jere @ (Target Audience: Everyone)
13 (Thu) 2:15 PM Looking for a Presenter. Contact Jere @ (Target Audience: Everyone)
20 (Thu) 2:15 PM Looking for a Presenter. Contact Jere @ (Target Audience: Everyone)
27 (Thu) 2:15 PM Thanksgiving - Have a Great Day, enjoy with Family and Friends. See you on Dec. 4, 2014. (Target Audience: Everyone)



December, 2014
04 (Thu) 2:15 PM All Members Meeting - we are announcing new meeting schedules, and new officers for 2015. (Target Audience: Everyone)
11 (Thu) 2:15 PM Looking for a presentation. (Target Audience: Everyone)



Guests Presenting
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All regular meetings and SIG's are held in the lecture hall, Room LH 1

at Lake-Sumter State College, at times noted below.

Computer Basics sessions are held where shown in schedule.


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