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September, 2016
08 (Thu) 2:15 PM 3 Subjects - Windows 10 Anniversary Update- What are the Features; Microsoft One Drive- the Great Storage Place; Windows 10 Privacy Settings. (Target Audience: Everyone) (Handout) Jere Minich and Roger Ehrig
2:15 PM Welcome back after a long hot July/August. We are trying "A new format" 3 short topics each meeting (20 min) different subjects. Come on Down. (Target Audience: Everyone) Jere Minich and Roger Ehrig
15 (Thu) 2:15 PM Cloud Computing and Microsoft One Drive- the Great Storage Place - Room LA-4 (Target Audience: Everyone) Roger Ehrig and Mike Hanst


October, 2016
06 (Thu) 2:15 PM Best Buy - All the latest products and news. Time for Questions and Answers. Christmas Shopping just around the corner. Don't miss this one. Room LA-4 Liberal Arts Bldg, big room. (Target Audience: Everyone) Mark Rzemieniewski Jonathan Wang
20 (Thu) 2:15 PM Very Important All-member Meeting to Decide the Future of LSCS. Must have members commit to being officers & directors for Next year. (2017) Attend & Volunteer, easy tasks. Room LA-4 Liberal Arts Bldg (Target Audience: Everyone) Roger Ehrig


November, 2016
03 (Thu) 2:15 PM Security issues & protection with social media. This is the first time we have had a presentation on social media, so don't miss it! Room LA-4 Liberal Arts Bldg. Big room. (Target Audience: Everyone) Debby Godwin LSSC CIT Instructor
17 (Thu) 2:15 PM Windows 10 Privacy Part 2/ iOS 10 Features / iPhone 7 & Apple Watch 2- Settings you can make to ensure privacy. New Features in the latest hardware/software from Apple. Q&A Available (Target Audience: Everyone) Jere Minich (3 - 20 minute topics)
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All regular meetings are held in the Liberal Arts Building #3, Room LA-4

at Lake-Sumter State College, Leesburg Campus at times noted above.


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