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January, 2017
12 (Thu) 2:15 PM Two presentations - Roger will present "Setup for New PC's" and "Free Software every One Needs". Barbara will present: "Making a Repair USB for your PC". Both will work with any OS. 7,8.1,10. (Target Audience: Everyone) Roger; Barbara Ehrig; Schmidt
19 (Thu) 2:15 PM Our Annual LSCS Social Party in the LSSC Magnolia Room. Next to the College Gym at Leesburg. Your spouse is invited. Snacks, Drinks, and Friends. (Target Audience: Everyone) Susan Barker


February, 2017
02 (Thu) 2:15 PM “Bob” G - Avast AVG Anti Virus Software - an enthusiastic IT security expert for AVAST/AVG Software, approved by AARP: Don't miss (Target Audience: Everyone) Bob Gostischa
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Photo by Loel Stofan


All regular meetings are held in the Liberal Arts Building #3, Room LA-7

at Lake-Sumter State College, Leesburg Campus at times noted above.


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