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If you have suggestions for a future presentation please email it to:


All regular meetings are held in Lecture Hall-1.

at Lake-Sumter State College, Leesburg Campus at times noted below.



April, 2017
06 (Thu) 2:15 PM Cutting the Cord - hands on explaination of products to bring all forms of media to TV,and all of media content, including Live TV. Don't miss this meeting. (Target Audience: Everyone) Larry Fortna
20 (Thu) 2:15 PM Online Genealogy - a user-friendly roadmap for navigating the internet in search of your ancestors. Looking to start or already a seasoned enthusiast, learn ways to keep it both manageable and fun. (Target Audience: Everyone) Kristen Barcomb


May, 2017
04 (Thu) 2:15 PM 2 Items - 1. What the new law about ISPs using your personal Info Really Means. 2. What the Creators Update changes are all about. Item 1 applies to everyone. Item 2 contains Win 10 super changes info (Target Audience: Everyone) Jere (Program Director) Minich
18 (Thu) 2:15 PM END OF LIFE ISSUES – the Nitty Gritty - will cover the basics of Key Issues that must be considered as we get older and family/ friends pass away. Dynamic session. Handout at presentation (Target Audience: Everyone) Sandy (LSCS Member) Cornish


June, 2017
01 (Thu) 2:15 PM Best Buy - Jon, James & Mark will be here to give a presentation on the latest and greatest devices. What is new on the market, what for the future and answer any questions you may have. Don't miss. (Target Audience: Everyone) Geek Squad
15 (Thu) 2:15 PM Looking for a presentation. Contact Jere the Program Director. Sharing your skills and knowledge is lots of fun. (Target Audience: Everyone) Email me.
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All regular meetings are held in Lecture Hall-1.

at Lake-Sumter State College, Leesburg Campus at times noted above.


Handouts from many of our current and older presentations are available here

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